Flexible deploymentOne key to the cloud

Flexible deployment provides excellent, fast and stable cloud computing products in China. Flexible deployment helps you go to the cloud with one click。

Cloud computing services for security and compliance

Computing, storage, monitoring, security, perfect cloud products to meet the comprehensive needs of your business.

Cloud server

Safe, stable, low-cost, flexible and diverse billing methods can save it operating costs for customers and improve the effective utilization of resources

Stand alone server

It is safe and reliable, and can freely choose the type and size of CPU, memory and disk

Bare metal

Computing services with virtual machine flexibility and physical machine performance, purchase on demand, pay as you go, high performance, security isolation

Virtual host

The virtual host service based on cloud computing has many advantages, such as high security, high stability, and provides independent IP

Server hosting

High quality hosting service can help you effectively reduce maintenance costs, equipment investment in computer room, line rental and other high costs

CDN acceleration

By distributing the content of the website to different nodes, CDN improves the loading time of the page rapidly and reduces the load of the original server

Rigorous standards create strong performance experience

High standard equipment, architecture and disaster recovery mechanism provide you with comprehensive and three-dimensional protection

  • Service availability 99.9%
  • Network availability 99%
  • Data persistence 99.9%
Rapid deployment

Professional and mature one-stop Industry Cloud solution to solve the problem of rapid application of cloud computing

Technical support

Technical support team 7x24 hours online at any time for you. Solve problems quickly through various ways

Service capability

Fast response to user needs, to provide professional, intimate, efficient after-sales service

Certified cloud computing services
Fully guarantee your business practice and business security/h4>

The common choice of thousands of enterprises, to provide you with more comprehensive, more stable, more detailed products and services。

  • IDC / cloud computing qualification
  • Software copyright

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